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Exit Services From Washington to California

I-5 Gas Stations

Washington gas stations located within 1/2 mile of an I-5 exit are listed below. Listing run north to south. Individual exits are listed with intersecting routes, cities and towns accessible from that exit. Exit numbers for Washington’s Interstate 5 are based on the mile marker system beginning at the Canadian border and ending at the Washington/Oregon border.

US/Canada Border
276WA 548, BlaineUSA, Chevron, Shell, Texaco
275WA 543 (northbound exit only)Chevron, Exxon, Shell
274Peace Portal Drive (northbound exit only), BlaineShell
270Birch Bay, LyndenShell
(269)Washington Welcome Center (southbound exit only)
(267)Rest Area (northbound exit only)
266WA 548Nm Grandview Road, CusterArco
263Portal WayPacific Pride, Shell
262Main Street, Ferndale76, Gull, Shell, Texaco
260Slater Road. Lummi IslandArco
258Bakerview RoadArco, Fred Meyer
257Northwest Avenue
256WA 539N, Meridian Street, Bellis Fair Mall Parkway (southbound exit only)Costco, Shell, Super Gas
256A/BWA 539N, Meridian Street, Bellis Fair Mall Parkway (northbound exit only)Costco, Shell, Super Gas
255WA 542E, Sunset Drive, Bellingham76, Chevron
254Lowa Street, State Street, Bellingham76, Chevron, Shell, Valero
253Lakeway Drive, Bellingham76, Chevron, Mobil, Shell
252Samish Way, Bellingham76, Chevron, Mobil, Shell
250WA 11S, Chuckanut Drive, Bellingham, Historic DistrictArco, Chevron
246Lake Samish DriveShell
242Nulle Road, South Lake Samish
(238)Bow Hill Rest Area (both directions)
236Bow Hill RoadSkagit Valley Casino Resort
(235)Weigh Station (southbound only)
232Cook Road. Sedro-Woolley76, Shell
231WA 11N, Chuckanut Drive
230WA 20, Burlington, AnacortesPacific Pride, Shell
229George Hopper RoadArco, Costco, USA
227WA 538, College Way, Mt. Vernon76, Fuel Express, Safeway, Shell
226WA 536, Kincaid Street
225Anderson Road76, Fuel Express, Truck City, Valero
224WA 99 (northbound exit only)
221WA 534, Pioneer Way, Conway, Lake McMurray76, Shell, Texaco
218Milltown Road, Starbird Road
215300th Street NWInterstate Gas
Weigh Station (northbound only)
212WA 532, Stanwood, Bryant, Camino Island76, Shell
210236th Street NE

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